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09.23 :: blogtember // wonderfully weekend

23 Sep

Monday, September 23: A “life lately” post. What you’re up to, how you’re feeling, how you’re doing on your goals, etc. Bonus points for great photos!

Combo post!! Blogtember and weekend recap! Boom!


before she found the apples.




she wasn’t very willing to share with me.


they both ate their weight in apples.


that sky is so perfect. no filters, pinky promise.


still holding her beloved apple. she had a good day.

Confession: I was going to write a lovely recap of how much fun we had at the apple orchard this weekend. But I am beyond annoyed already this morning. So I feel like anything I write would just express annoyance, not fun fall times. I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

wisconsin dells & wonderfully weekend

16 Sep

Before I recap anything, go to Lena B’s blog and enter this giveaway I am happy to be a part of! Okay back to business.

Another week[end] come and gone.

Jeremy had this past week off work. We took this opportunity to get out-of-town for a few days. So you, lucky reader, get a nearly full week recap. Whoop whoop!

Tuesday we headed to the Dells! I was a little nervous about Avery being in the car for so long. Last time we took a multi-hour car ride, she was 6 months old and slept the whole time. We stopped in some random town in Wisconsin, about halfway through our drive and wandered around the town until we found a park. We are our picnic lunch and let Avery run around for a bit. It was a long pit stop, but she had fun and got some energy out.


Avery loves dinosaurs!

We got to our resort a little before 4pm. Unloaded all of our crap. Did you know that 3 people going away for 4 days equals a bajillion trips back and forth from the car to get it all in the cabin? Well, it does.

Our resort gave us a bunch of travel guides and different papers at check in. One paper had all the local restaurants where they offered discounted gift cards. Reading the descriptions, I decided I wanted to try them all. Realistic, right? I did see from a fellow blogger who was just in the dells that they had a place that served your food on a train. I had to try that place!

Buffalo Phil’s was the perfect place to go on our first night. Avery loved watching the trains go by. And she was obsessed with her hat the train delivered to her.


Avery & her hat // the train with our drinks

The only problem was she wanted all the toys/stuffed animals that were on the trains. We had such a good time there.

Have I mentioned before my completely irrational fear/hatred of ceiling fans? So I was not too happy to have this looming over my head while I slept. Just waiting to fall on my face while I sleep.


I may or may not have stayed up thinking of all the evil this thing is capable of…

Wednesday started out with a flat tire on my car. Let me just tell you we have had to buy 4 new tires and now this patch all within a year. Not the best luck with tires over here. Thankfully they could just patch it this time and only put us out like 15 bucks.

After that got taken care of, we went to Mt Olympus water park. Their outdoor area closed the week before (boo!) but we got super cheap tickets. So we went to the indoor park. It was pretty fun. Avery wanted to go down all the slides. And she went down a couple with Jeremy. With not too great results. Jeremy ended the day with a completely skinned, bloody knee. Water park over.


happytimes before the crash at the end of the slide.

That night we stayed in for dinner and called it a night early.

Thursday we headed out and I had to stop at the DD! It has been forever since I have had one of their delicious iced coffees. It was just as heavenly as I remembered!


I miss this already…

After that necessary stop, we went to ride a Duck Boat. The first time for me and Avery! It was so much fun! She love the openness of the ride and the wind in her hair. She had a smile plastered on her face the whole ride.


She refused to take a good picture with me. But with Dad? Big smile.

The weather was in the mid 60s and everything was bright and crisp. A picture perfect fall day. Also, who knew Wisconsin could be so pretty?


Looking at the shore from the Duck Boat.

That night we went to the pool at the resort and played around before dinner.

Friday we had to pack up and head out. Sad day. I was having such a nice time away, I did not want to come home. But I did see some pretty clouds on the drive home.


There was one that looked like a whale, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.

Saturday we had a family get together. Always fun to see the kiddos running around and having fun.


babies on swings

Just one question: How on earth did my niece get so big? She is almost like a grown up now. Stop it!


me and my favorite niece

Sunday was relaxed. And I got to close out the weekend with a coffee date and some girly times with my two BFFs. It was much-needed and the perfect way to end the weekend!

I hope you had a great weekend too! And on to another week of Blogtember!

wonderfully weekend :: starting early

8 Sep

Hello Friends! Another weekend gone by. I’m going to start this weekend wrap up on Wednesday. Trust me, it’s the only way this will be exciting.

Wednesday night, Jeremy and I got to cross another concert off the old bucket list. We saw Mumford & Sons at the Xcel Center. It was pretty awesome.


mumford & sons

I was a tiny bit nervous that they wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Mostly because they played at a huge sold out stadium setting. But they were every bit as awesome as I expected. The vocals were amazing. They played 3 of my favorites back to back to back. Which was good, since we had to leave at 10.


my favorite picture that I took. little lion man.

Thursday evening we went to a beer tasting in my neighborhood. It was fun sampling some new beers I haven’t had before. And I found a couple really tasty ones.



Friday started my search for a new swimsuit. Which is super fun at the end of the season when they are all gone. I wouldn’t care, but we are going to Wisconsin Dells next week and I my old one crapped out on me last week. Sigh. No luck yet, but we did get Avery a bunch of cute shirts from Old Navy.


if only the weather would cool down a bit…

Saturday was more [unsuccessful] shopping.

Sunday brought the start of the Vikings football season. And the end enjoyable Sunday afternoons. But these two are so cute!


love these two


AP was on, so they stopped caring about pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

wonderfully weekend :: long weekends are the best weekends

2 Sep

Yay for long weekends!!

Friday I ventured into St Paul to pick up my Monster Dash race packet and swag. I know, it’s super early, but one less thing for me to worry about on race day. Plus: I picked up some super cute non slip headbands. Like, for real non slip. They are UrbanHalo Headbands. I think I need one in every color. Also, my birthday is in two months. hint*hint


sorry about all the filters going on here, but I had just finished a workout. nobody wants to see the unedited picture. promise.

Then we went to dinner at Granite City. Yum. They had their White Ale on tap. I haven’t tried that one before. Man, it was really good! And the food is always good.

Saturday was [hopefully] the last hot hot day of the heat wave. We decided to head to Cascade Bay for some water fun times. Everyone else must have decided for one last hurrah at the water park, because it was busy! We still had a bunch of fun! We stayed in the water the whole time. Perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Sunday I mostly hung out with Avery. Jeremy spent most of the day changing the breaks on his car. Also, doesn’t it seem like September got here a little quicker than normal??

Monday was the day! The State Fair redemption trip! I had a less than ideal first go round. Monday was all I hoped it would be. THe temperature was a good 30-35 degrees cooler. And We were loving it! I pretty much Instagrammed (totally a word) our way through it. So if you follow me, then you have already seen these pictures!

These two were killing me with cuteness all day.


heart melting

I really wanted to try the Mini Doughnut Beer. I made Jeremy stop there first. And there was a sign that said they wouldn’t be tapping the beer until noon. So I had roughly 3 hours to burn. Don’t judge, I told you I really wanted to try it! So we walked around a bit. Lost track of time and when we got back there was a mile long line for the beer. Not even noon. Lame. So I had to settle for this:


beer beer beer beer

I chose the wrong flight. I only liked one of them. Monday was not to be a good beer day. Oh, well.

I got all the good foods. Red velvet funnel cake, fried pickles, 1919 root beer, cheese curds, wild rice burger, Sweet Martha’s Cookies.


pit stop for a selfie

Then we wanted to show Avery some of the animal barns. We went to the Miracle of Birth Barn first. So. Many. Baby. Animals! Cute overload in there. I didn’t get any pictures, I was holding Avery because it was so crowded. She saw some ducklings (and quacked at them), pet a bunny rabbit, baa-ed at some sheep, tried to climb in the pen with the baby cows, and was too scared to pet the piglets.

Since we saw all the animals, I didn’t see a point in wasting time going to all the other animal barns. So we didn’t. I am thinking this will be the only year for the rest of my life I will be able to skip them. ­čśŤ

We headed to the Grandstand for a bit of shopping. I saw this hat and had to buy it!


she is a little ham

See? Cuteness that can not be contained.

Overall a great day!

Some housekeeping blog stuff:

Blogtember officially kicks off tomorrow! It’s going to be good. And I can’t wait! Check it out and link up!

Alyson (Starting Over at the Dirty Thirty) started the #capturingmymoments tag on Instagram. I love looking through them. And she really wants to get to 1000 photos with that tag by the end of the year. Do you think you could help her, friends? Plus go to her blog and take a peek at the pictures she highlights for August. You might recognize someone’s photo. [hint: it’s MINE!] I got a little rush seeing a photo I took on someone else’s blog.

Also, I realized that the other day I accidentally deleted a crap ton of pictures off the blog. Whoops. So if you should ever look at old posts: sorry. I still suck at blogging sometimes.

Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend.

wonderfully weekend :: stupid hot

27 Aug

My slacker tendencies have finally creeped their way into my blogging life. Another weekend recap on…Tuesday! Whatever, I was busy.

Friday┬áAvery had her second day in a row at the doctors’ office. She was not happy about it! Thursday she was there with Jeremy for 2.5 hours. Getting all sorts of tests done. She had a fever for a few days, and they determined she had a bacterial infection. We kept having to go back for more tests and another antibacterial shot. No fun for the poor kid.

Saturday we all got up bright and early to head over to the Minnesota Zoo. We ran the Tiger Tracks 5k. I decided the zoo is the perfect and worst place for a 5k. Perfect because it was nice and shady (we were only in the sun for 3 or 4 short periods) and the course was relatively flat. We had to run up one ramp. Too bad it was near the end. So mean. And it is the worst place for a 5k because I stopped about 5 times to look at the animals. We ran the race before the zoo opened, so no lines! While we were on the course the bears were out playing! One was swimming and the others were around the corner walking around. They were so amazing up close. Giant! I wasn’t quick enough to get any pictures while “running.” But trust me, it was awesome.

After the run, Jeremy took Avery to another doctor appointment. She got another shot and I am glad I didn’t have to be there for it. 3 days in a row is a little much for me.

While they were gone, I explored the zoo with my coworker, Erin and some of her friends that were there. Cute animal pics to follow:


I, sadly, wasn’t able to sneak an otter in my bag.

We were there just in time to watch feeding time in the tropics fish tank. This little girl was so amazed at the man in the tank.


how did he get in there?!

I don’t really like butterflies, but we stopped by the butterfly exhibit. There were some really colorful ones in there. I didn’t stay too long, I was terrified that one would land on me!


so pretty

Sunday was supposed to be a date day for me and Jeremy. We dropped Avery off with my sister and went to lunch. And that’s about it. It was a billion degrees outside, so I wanted to be indoors. We couldn’t decide on anything fun to do. So Jeremy built the new grill he bought. Exciting, I know. We suck at date day.

Monday was the big day. Avery’s first trip to the Minnesota State Fair. A.K.A. my absolute favorite time of the year! This year was tough, folks. It was so hot and humid. And I just worried the whole time about how Avery was handling the weather. I just didn’t enjoy myself too much. We did manage to have some fun!

We went with my family and the babies had a blast on their first bus ride.


checking out the new situation.

Avery loved looking out the window.


what’s this thing?

When they got used to moving around, the babies had some fun, bothering each other of course.


We didn’t get as many of our usual food items. I wasn’t really wanting anything hot. Erin wanted to try the corn. She was nice enough to share with Avery.


yep, they just plopped down on the sidewalk to eat.

I did get the fried pickles. And the 1919 root beer. But not too much else, foodwise. We did get our traditional family ornament. We had a tough time deciding this year, too many cute options! We settled on the bears in a canoe.


my favorite fair tradition.

I wanted to see Hanson that night. But I couldn’t handle the heat. We went home early. And looking at the forecast this week, Monday might be a decent day. If the weather cools off (like they are saying it will) we are going to try to redeem our fair trip. I have high standards. I am praying that the weather cooperates. I did not get enough fried foods! ­čśŤ

I have been so screwed up with my days this week. Jeremy took Monday and Tuesday off, so I am all mixed around! I hope I remember that I have to work tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

wonderfully weekend :: summer fever

20 Aug

I have wanted to get some blogging done for a couple of days now. But Avery woke up with a fever on Saturday morning and has been crabby ever since. I have had a hard time getting much done while Jeremy has been at work. A paragraph here and there. It’s so hard getting anything done with a toddler climbing and crawling over you!

Without further ado: my weekend recap. Plus Monday. Bonus!

Saturday we got up bright and early (for a Saturday) and headed out to Chippewa Falls WI for a tour at the Lienie Lodge! Day drinking is my favorite. We were out celebrating my love, Elizabeth. It was her birthday this past Wednesday. Perfect reason to go and drink some beer from the source.


everyone out for the tour.

The tour was really cool. Since it was the weekend, none of the machines were operating. Our guide said it was nice because it was quiet enough that she didn’t need a microphone. But I think it might be cool to come during the week to see everything in operation.

After the tour we went in to the Lodge for a tasting. They had so many beers on tap. It was hard to choose the 4 to sample.


official taste tester. be jealous.

I had decided that I would sample things I might not be daring enough to buy at a bar or the store. But then they had these recipe card type things showing the mixes the bartender could make for you. Way to make my decisions more difficult!!


my choices just doubled.

I think each mix was sampled by at least one person in our group. And I think we all had a tough time picking a favorite! I hope to go back sometime soon. Maybe in the fall when the seasonal beers change out.

Sunday I found these treasures in the paper.


I can not wait for the State Fair! We are going on Monday and I am using this guide to map out the day! And this Minnesota Explorer is awesome because it has everything listed that is happening in the fall. So I will have something to do every weekend, if I want. This heat wave is making me excited for the cooler weather. Plus, Caribou has their pumpkin drinks out. Yum!

Sunday afternoon we met up with my family at the pool. Avery still had a fever so she was crabby and didn’t have as much fun as she normally would have. But it was nice to get outside and in the sun for a little while.

Monday was a long day. Still dealing with Avery’s fever and crankiness. She has to be touching me at every second otherwise the tears would flow! It’s no fun feeling sick. Or teething. I don’t really know what’s going on.

But Monday night I was able to get out and get my hair cut. I always love the way I feel after getting a cut. So I took an awkward selfie.



I bought a new lipstick that I was nervous about. But I think I really like the color. And it didn’t dry out my lips either. So it’s a keeper.

I also got my Mug Swap 2013 package together. Ready to send out. If you follow me on Instagram, you got a peek at it. I know my partner doesn’t follow me there, but I have no idea who reads the blog, so I can’t post it here! I just hope she likes it!

I’m excited for a Blogger Happy Hour tonight. Excited and a little nervous. Still so many girls I only really know online. I feel like it’s the first day of school. I just hope everyone likes me. Or at least nobody hates me! Haha. I’m sure it will be a ton of fun.

I hope you all had a great weekend!

wonderfully weekend :: zoo

12 Aug

We are running out of summertime weekends?! Are you freaking out about this too?? Probably not. I a, excited to make the most of these last few weekends though! Here’s your recap:

Friday I splurged and bought myself a FitBit flex. And now I’m obsessed with tracking my steps and water consumption. I’m not a huge fan of tracking all my food, but I should be. Baby steps.

Friday night Jeremy had softball…for 4 hours. They had a lot of games to make up. So Avery and I stayed at home. We had a nice girls night. We took a walk to the park. And then we had a very successful bath time. Then we read stories. When Avery didn’t want to get another book I asked if she wanted to go night night. She indicated that she did (yay!) and I took her to her room. I started rocking and singing to her, just like Jeremy does. And do you know what the little angel did? She laughed at me! Took her pacifier out of her mouth and laughed hysterically. I knew I wasn’t a good singer, but sheesh! And then we had 2 more failed attempts at bedtime. So I just let her sit with me on the couch until Jeremy got home. And she went to sleep for him in 15 seconds. She is so lucky she is cute…

Saturday morning we had the Miles for Melanoma 5k. It was a perfect morning to run. When we registered, we joined our friend’s team. Team Jordan showed up in full force. I didn’t get a shot with the whole team, but here is one with about 1/4 of Team Jordan.


After the race, we headed across the street to Como Zoo. This was our 3rd time there with Avery. And I think she liked this trip best of all. She was meowing at the lions and quacking at the ducks. She was amazed at the zebras and the giraffes. I loved watching her expressions as we saw new animals.


Look Mom! A giraffe!


deep in conversation with our new turtle friend.

We didn’t stay at the zoo for too long. We were all pretty wiped out. We went home and took a nice long nap. It was glorious. But when I woke up, my body was all stiff from the morning. So I was pretty useless the rest of the evening.

Sunday morning I met up with the Brunch Bunch at Wise Acre Eatery in Minneapolis. There were only 4 of us this time, but it was nice to see some of my favorite ladies. I would recommend getting there right when they open, because the place is small and can fill up quick!

This was my favorite part of the meal. A salted caramel pinwheel. I’m still drooling over it.



Sunday afternoon and into the evening Jeremy and I were tinkering with the television. We are in the process of getting rid of cable completely and we spent some quality time researching some technology and figuring some stuff out. I’m really excited about our decisions and I am going to write about it on Tuesday or Thursday.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!

wonderfully weekend :: august

4 Aug

Did you realize it’s August already? That seemed quick.

We were lucky to have nice weather all weekend long. So we had to take advantage of it!

Friday night = softball night. It was a beautiful evening to watch some softball. Even if we got 10 runned. And the other team was full of jerks. It’s D league softball, people. Chill the eff out.

Avery made a new BFF. His name is Basil. And he and Avery share a love for sticks and dog treats.


here she is, feeding her new friend some grass. which he gratefully accepted.

Saturday afternoon I made my way back to the Y. After slacking off the whole summer. I’ve been somewhat active, doing some 5ks and all. But the elliptical kicked my butt. Hopefully I can get back on track. That’s the plan! I’m registered for a bunch more 5ks in the fall. I’m hoping to get to the point where I can run most of it. Preferably, without wanting to kill anyone either.

Saturday afternoon we met up with some friends at Psycho Suzi’s to celebrate a birthday. Such perfect weather! We were lucky enough to get a spot on the patio without much of a wait. And I realized that was our first time this summer out on a restaurant patio! Seriously, what have we been doing all summer?!


me with the cutie.

Walking back to the car I took this adorable picture of my two favorites.


these two together = best thing ever

Saturday night I got a pretty bad case of insomnia. Which is when I started this post. Hi! It’s 5:12 am. And I got out of bed at 3. Ick.

Sunday we met up with Jeremy’s family for a late lunch/early dinner. We got to sit on a patio again. Twice in one weekend! Making up for lost time, I guess.


so many minions, so little time…

And Sunday evening was laundry and blogging. And trying to stay awake until bedtime. Very difficult after a night of insomnia.

I hope you all had a great weekend and got to enjoy some time outside!


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