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26 Jul

Since I started this blog to document Avery and memories and such, I should probably do a proper “monthly update” type post.

Avery turned 15 months old on July 12. We didn’t have her check up until yesterday, hence the delay.

:: vitals ::

  • weight: 25lb 11oz (75-90%)
  • height: 32 inches (90%)
  • head: 18 inches (50-75%)

All of these percentiles have been pretty consistent for the last year. Perfectly proportional.

:: what the doc said ::

She is very pleased with your health. She says you have a lot of personality and spunk (which is true). She says there is no baby left in you, you are all toddler now. Excuse me while I go cry in the corner.

She is also giving you 6 weeks to walk. After that she wants us to work with a PT to help with your confidence, since the doctor saw that you are clearly capable of doing it. You just don’t want to.

:: favorites ::

  • books: You are pretty obsessed with books. It makes me so proud! Your current favorites are The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Goodnight Minnesota. I love reading to you before bedtime. Even more, I love watching Daddy read to you. I get to watch your face light up at him. And it makes my heart burst.

you reading one of the many books in this house.

  • foods: It will be hard to narrow down favorite foods. You are such a good eater! Thankfully, you will try anything. Even a raw potato a couple of weeks ago. You begged for it when you saw Daddy cutting it up! Some things you really like right now are potatoes of any kind (you like them cooked much better!), animal crackers, green beans, goldfish crackers, bananas, scrambled eggs,  and ice cream.
  • tv show: Sprout is your favorite channel. And you love Sesame Street. You just learned how to say Elmo. Or your version of it anyway.

:: other ::

  • eating: Like I said above, you are a really good eater. You haven’t eaten any baby food from us in a few months now. You will have some for lunch when you are over with Auntie Jamie. At home, you eat mostly whatever we eat. Sometimes we will give you mac & cheese if you don’t like what we have. But that is pretty rare now.
  • sleeping: Hahahaha! Sigh. We have started a new nighttime routine earlier this month. But you only stay in your own bed for a few hours. Hoping, wishing, praying that you stay there the whole night someday…
  • teeth: This last month has been pretty rough on your teeth. You got a molar and 2 other teeth.  Your new total is 10, I think. It’s hard to see the top back teeth. Teething is easier in the summer. You get all the Popsicles you want!

showing off all your teeth. aka: doing your impression of a shark.

  • clothes: You have been in 18-24 month clothes for most of the summer. With a 2t shirt here and there.
  • vocab: You are learning new words pretty quickly. You can say Dadda, mo [more], peeze [please], baba [bottle], craka [cracker. but you use this for pretty much all foods], uh-uh [insted of no], nigh nigh [night night], Memo [Elmo], and Looli [Lucy]. And when we hold your hand to walk you say “go go go.” And you’ve recently been parroting things we say.
  • nicknames: It’s pretty hard to shorten Avery. Daddy calls you “Av” sometimes. My nickname for you is Peanut. Sometimes it’s PeanutButter. I call you Trouble sometimes. Very fitting.

You have been practicing your temper tantrums. I’m sure you will be an expert at them by the time you turn two. You also give the best hugs. Everyone says so. You can be very generous [or stingy] with kisses. It is so cute when you lean in, puckered up going “mmm, mmmm” until someone gives you a kiss. We also do “noses.” Where we will rub our noses together. You think this is so funny!

It’s amazing to watch you  learn and figure things out. The look of awe and wonder on your face when something is new and exciting. I can’t wait to see you grow and learn more.

Like your doctor says: Watch out world, here she comes.

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