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16 Jul

You guys. I thought we were friends. Why didn’t anyone warn me that spray painting wicker is a major pain in the ass?!?!

I found this cool wicker container at Empty the Nest. Have any of you been there? It’s awesome and they have sales every so often. Hence my buying evil wicker.

I forgot to take a “before” picture. But look at this one, and imagine a natural color wicker.


disregard the gold sparkles. it’s a long story.

This is after one coat of paint. Also, sorry for the crappy pictures. I used my phone, since I don’t normally haul my nice camera to work.

Let me just interrupt my craft post and tell you how awesome my job is. We have a whole corner of the office devoted to crafty things and making a mess. Pretty great for me, since I basically live in a glorified apartment with little space to spread out and craft.

I admit, I haven’t used spray paint in a long time and I’m not familiar with the ins and outs with working with it. Is it supposed to take forever to dry? Or is that just a bonus feature with working with wicker?

On Friday I did about 4 coats. Waiting about 15-20 minutes between them. Then I left it to dry.

This is what I cam back to on Tuesday.


artsy close up

The gloss is way glossier then I was expecting. But the paint finally dried and the coverage looks pretty good. I’ll tell you, I was not optimistic about this one. I am pleasantly surprised.


on the wall


cutesy corner: in progress


my little work space

There you have it. It’s a bitch, but wicker can be spray painted! Victory!


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