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wisconsin dells & wonderfully weekend

16 Sep

Before I recap anything, go to Lena B’s blog and enter this giveaway I am happy to be a part of! Okay back to business.

Another week[end] come and gone.

Jeremy had this past week off work. We took this opportunity to get out-of-town for a few days. So you, lucky reader, get a nearly full week recap. Whoop whoop!

Tuesday we headed to the Dells! I was a little nervous about Avery being in the car for so long. Last time we took a multi-hour car ride, she was 6 months old and slept the whole time. We stopped in some random town in Wisconsin, about halfway through our drive and wandered around the town until we found a park. We are our picnic lunch and let Avery run around for a bit. It was a long pit stop, but she had fun and got some energy out.


Avery loves dinosaurs!

We got to our resort a little before 4pm. Unloaded all of our crap. Did you know that 3 people going away for 4 days equals a bajillion trips back and forth from the car to get it all in the cabin? Well, it does.

Our resort gave us a bunch of travel guides and different papers at check in. One paper had all the local restaurants where they offered discounted gift cards. Reading the descriptions, I decided I wanted to try them all. Realistic, right? I did see from a fellow blogger who was just in the dells that they had a place that served your food on a train. I had to try that place!

Buffalo Phil’s was the perfect place to go on our first night. Avery loved watching the trains go by. And she was obsessed with her hat the train delivered to her.


Avery & her hat // the train with our drinks

The only problem was she wanted all the toys/stuffed animals that were on the trains. We had such a good time there.

Have I mentioned before my completely irrational fear/hatred of ceiling fans? So I was not too happy to have this looming over my head while I slept. Just waiting to fall on my face while I sleep.


I may or may not have stayed up thinking of all the evil this thing is capable of…

Wednesday started out with a flat tire on my car. Let me just tell you we have had to buy 4 new tires and now this patch all within a year. Not the best luck with tires over here. Thankfully they could just patch it this time and only put us out like 15 bucks.

After that got taken care of, we went to Mt Olympus water park. Their outdoor area closed the week before (boo!) but we got super cheap tickets. So we went to the indoor park. It was pretty fun. Avery wanted to go down all the slides. And she went down a couple with Jeremy. With not too great results. Jeremy ended the day with a completely skinned, bloody knee. Water park over.


happytimes before the crash at the end of the slide.

That night we stayed in for dinner and called it a night early.

Thursday we headed out and I had to stop at the DD! It has been forever since I have had one of their delicious iced coffees. It was just as heavenly as I remembered!


I miss this already…

After that necessary stop, we went to ride a Duck Boat. The first time for me and Avery! It was so much fun! She love the openness of the ride and the wind in her hair. She had a smile plastered on her face the whole ride.


She refused to take a good picture with me. But with Dad? Big smile.

The weather was in the mid 60s and everything was bright and crisp. A picture perfect fall day. Also, who knew Wisconsin could be so pretty?


Looking at the shore from the Duck Boat.

That night we went to the pool at the resort and played around before dinner.

Friday we had to pack up and head out. Sad day. I was having such a nice time away, I did not want to come home. But I did see some pretty clouds on the drive home.


There was one that looked like a whale, but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.

Saturday we had a family get together. Always fun to see the kiddos running around and having fun.


babies on swings

Just one question: How on earth did my niece get so big? She is almost like a grown up now. Stop it!


me and my favorite niece

Sunday was relaxed. And I got to close out the weekend with a coffee date and some girly times with my two BFFs. It was much-needed and the perfect way to end the weekend!

I hope you had a great weekend too! And on to another week of Blogtember!

wonderfully weekend :: triathlon

29 Jul

This past weekend was exhausting!! But in a good way.

Friday was awesome. I went with my sisters ans we all got matching tattoos. We got the roman numeral III (since there are 3 of us) on our wrists. I then got a bonus tattoo. I am now the proud owner if a kick ass rose tattoo on my left forearm. I got it in memory of my mother in law, Rose. Ans a way to honor all the different “Roses” in my life. Lots of family with this middle name.  Funny thing about when I get tattoos. I have a picture in my mind. Then I describe it and they draw it. It never looks exactly how I pictured it, but awesome none the less. And then the final product is so far from what I was expecting! But I love it. I guess you just have to trust the artist. At least this is how it’s been for my last couple.

Here are the final products.


my new pretties.

I need to remember never to get a tattoo this large again. My arm hurt bad the next morning. Not to mention it felt like it took forever to finish. I can’t handle pain very well sometimes.

Saturday was a travel day. We decided to stay at my father in law’s house for the night. He lives closer to the triathlon site then we do. And every extra minute of sleep helps when you need to get up before the sun. Boo. A couple of our friends that were going to do the tri stayed with us. So that night was low-key and carb loading. Yum.

Doesn’t it just figure that I couldn’t sleep Saturday night. My shoulder was acting up and I felt sick. I tried sleeping on the couch so I wouldn’t bother Jeremy. My guess is that I got 2-3 hours of sleep. Lame.

Sunday was the big day! Jeremy and 4 of our friends were participating in the Chisago Lakes Triathlon. They are insane awesome!

We got up before 5am. I won’t tell you how I feel about that. The festivities started at 7am. The tri consisted of a half mile swim, then 22 miles on the bike, finished off with a 5k. And just for giggles, the finish line was on top of a hill. Good stuff.

I am in awe of everyone that raced. It is exhausting just to think about doing the tri. I can’t imagine actually doing one!

You can click on the picture to enlarge!


top: waiting for the swim
middle: finish line
bottom: so proud of them all!

Some things of note from the pictures: I totally missed getting photos of Nick crossing the finish line. He was seriously faster than I was expecting. I’m a bad friend! Also, none of them look like they even broke a sweat in the bottom picture. I would probably look like death at the end.

Today (yes, Monday.  In my weekend wrap up post. I’m a rebel.) was awesome. Jeremy took the day off work to recover. It was so nice to have him home on a random weekday! This afternoon we took Avery for a walk. We ended up at a playground. She had such a good time on the swing and slide.


enjoying all the park has to offer.


swinging with my best gal.


avery and daddy clubhouse: mommy’s not allowed!

After the park we walked over to the fountains. I think this is our favorite place to play. Avery has the best time splashing around. We just need to get smart and keep a swimsuit in her diaper bag. Good thing she doesn’t mind playing in wet clothes!


having more fun!

And while they played, I relaxed. It. was. awesome.


loving monday for a change!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend too!


ww :: decade change

3 Jul

The topic for this week’s Whatever Wednesday is: If you could live in a different decade, what would it be, and why?

Have you read “The Paris Wife“? (I don’t know where that question mark is supposed to go!) I read it a couple of years ago and decided that the 1920s were for me. As long as I was in Paris. And not married to Hemingway. Maybe friends with them… And then I watched Midnight in Paris. Yes. Please. Paris in the ’20s.

I was already pretty obsessed with Paris. The romanticism. The cafes. The art and history. Then reading about life there and seeing it come to life in the movie shortly after didn’t help the matter. Jeremy, you have just over 10 years to take me there. Or I’m going on my own. And may not come back…

Plus I could rock a cute hat. Everyday. And I love short hair. Win!

What decade would you like to live in?


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

behind the #tbt :: vegas

13 Jun

Another travel #tbt. Can you tell I’m going a bit stir crazy here. I need a vacation. Bad.

In November 2007 4 friends and myself went on a magical journey. To Vegas. We were all Vegas Virgins. And man, did we have fun! So much so that Genna completely lost her voice the first night we were there. I blame Hanson. Who, btw, gets better with age. Fact.

We did all the standard things. Went to a show (Beatles LOVE. See it!). Watched some lions be inappropriate. Wen to the top of the Eiffel Tower. Drank champagne out of a paper bag outside the Bellagio. You know, classy things.

Group shot!


poppin that vegas cherry!


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Behind the #tbt :: San Diego

6 Jun

I really want to go on vacation. I would prefer somewhere warm. But I’m willing to settle on anywhere fun. I just need a change in scenery. It has been far too long since I’ve been on a plane.

Today I posted a picture of one of my favorite trips. Elizabeth and I took a long weekend trip to San Diego at the end of April 2008. It was pretty amazing.

We went for a hike at Torrey Pines where we saw dolphins. In the wild. So cool! And we saw a real live nevernude. He gave me a flower. I called him “Kind Sir.” Memories.

We went to the San Diego Zoo. Definitely puts the Minnesota Zoo to shame. They have peacocks just wandering around. And of course, pandas.

We went in the hotel hot tub every night. Where we actually met 2 women from MN who were now living in the San Diego area. And we talked about the State Fair. Because that’s the common denominator.

I would love to go back someday and explore some more.

Here is a picture of me and Eliz. In front of a fountain in Balboa Park.


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