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one hundred!!

24 Aug

My Blogby is 100 posts old today. So that calls for a Blogby Update!
Disclamer: Totally not making fun of those of you posting “Bump Dates” … okay maybe a little. But it’s just because I’m not pregnant and I’m secretly jealous that I can’t write one. There, I said it!

How far along?
100 posts old. It’s going so fast! But still so young. I tried to put a really awesome GIF in this post, but couldn’t figure it out. Still a n00bie. Growing pains.

Size of the blogby:
Well Blogby, you have just over 30 Facebook followers. I’ll be honest, I thought you would have a few more than that already. Maybe I’m naive. Maybe you have a face only a mother can love. I don’t know. We try not to take it personally.

I did move you off Twitter. For the most part. I couldn’t keep up with a personal and a blogby account. So that’s over. Maybe when you grow up a little more, you can have your Twitter back.

Have you started to show?
I do show you off to people. Sometimes. Sometimes I don’t want to be annoying. Or I suddenly feel self-conscious after I post. It’s a weird thing to happen, but it does.

Nausea, vomiting, or sickness?
If we are being honest? There were a couple of posts that I felt a little sick after posting. And a few in my “Drafts” folder that I’m too sissy to post right now.

What I miss:
This one is a little backwards. I think I am enjoying things more now that you are around. I take time to get pictures, which is great for documenting things I may forget in the future. Also, I have met some pretty awesome people since you’ve been around. And I never would have met them if it weren’t for you!! Yay for being social!

Since I’m pretty sure my husband is the only guy who reads this regularly, I’m going to say: GIRL!

What I’m looking forward to?
Seeing where this blogging journey takes us. Having some more fun adventures with our new bloggy buddies. Maybe someday having 50 likes on Facebook…

I’m really glad I started you, Blogby. It’s been a challenge, and really rewarding. I’m proud of how far we’ve come. And excited to see where we are going!

mn blogger meetup :: all. the. candy.

31 May

Last night I had the opportunity to join the MN Bloggers for a private event at the newest See’s Candies location in Southdale Mall. Honestly I was a little nervous to go. My first meetup event. I read a bunch of these girl’s blogs and know about them, but have never met. Nerve-wracking. But on the other hand, it was an opportunity to meet some cool girls I already know I like. Plus turning down free chocolate would be difficult to justify. Then Leah tweeted me asking if I was going. I had an ally going. That made it final: I was going!

I am so glad I went. I got to meet little Miss Hailey (she’s pretty adorable) and talk to some really fun ladies. I felt like I was really awkward st points, so if I made weird, awkward small talk, sorry. It’s just part of my charm. I was nervous. 🙂


my dinner. don’t judge.

The wonderful people at See’s let us try any treat we wanted. Guess what? They do that everyday! I will be coming back. Multiple times.


I think this is what they call Heaven.

We even got to try our hand at packing a box of candy. Definitely harder than it sounds! Mine looked less than professional. Good thing it was still delicious.


I don’t think I will be getting that second interview.

We were all sent home with a tote bag [love them even more!] filled with an obscene amount of chocolate and other candies. Seriously. We can’t be trusted with that many sweets in my house. One or more of us has zero self-control. I had to give some to my mom and sister this morning. The lollypops are niece approved, btw. And I brought the big box into work today. So I’ve been popular.

Here is Avery last night, helping herself to seconds. Or thirds. We lost count. See? No self-control.


all mine!

I had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

A bunch of the girls wrote some great posts about last night here. Plus they took some better pictures than I did. Hop over and check them out!


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