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wonderfully weekend :: stupid hot

27 Aug

My slacker tendencies have finally creeped their way into my blogging life. Another weekend recap on…Tuesday! Whatever, I was busy.

Friday¬†Avery had her second day in a row at the doctors’ office. She was not happy about it! Thursday she was there with Jeremy for 2.5 hours. Getting all sorts of tests done. She had a fever for a few days, and they determined she had a bacterial infection. We kept having to go back for more tests and another antibacterial shot. No fun for the poor kid.

Saturday we all got up bright and early to head over to the Minnesota Zoo. We ran the Tiger Tracks 5k. I decided the zoo is the perfect and worst place for a 5k. Perfect because it was nice and shady (we were only in the sun for 3 or 4 short periods) and the course was relatively flat. We had to run up one ramp. Too bad it was near the end. So mean. And it is the worst place for a 5k because I stopped about 5 times to look at the animals. We ran the race before the zoo opened, so no lines! While we were on the course the bears were out playing! One was swimming and the others were around the corner walking around. They were so amazing up close. Giant! I wasn’t quick enough to get any pictures while “running.” But trust me, it was awesome.

After the run, Jeremy took Avery to another doctor appointment. She got another shot and I am glad I didn’t have to be there for it. 3 days in a row is a little much for me.

While they were gone, I explored the zoo with my coworker, Erin and some of her friends that were there. Cute animal pics to follow:


I, sadly, wasn’t able to sneak an otter in my bag.

We were there just in time to watch feeding time in the tropics fish tank. This little girl was so amazed at the man in the tank.


how did he get in there?!

I don’t really like butterflies, but we stopped by the butterfly exhibit. There were some really colorful ones in there. I didn’t stay too long, I was terrified that one would land on me!


so pretty

Sunday was supposed to be a date day for me and Jeremy. We dropped Avery off with my sister and went to lunch. And that’s about it. It was a billion degrees outside, so I wanted to be indoors. We couldn’t decide on anything fun to do. So Jeremy built the new grill he bought. Exciting, I know. We suck at date day.

Monday was the big day. Avery’s first trip to the Minnesota State Fair. A.K.A. my absolute favorite time of the year! This year was tough, folks. It was so hot and humid. And I just worried the whole time about how Avery was handling the weather. I just didn’t enjoy myself too much. We did manage to have some fun!

We went with my family and the babies had a blast on their first bus ride.


checking out the new situation.

Avery loved looking out the window.


what’s this thing?

When they got used to moving around, the babies had some fun, bothering each other of course.


We didn’t get as many of our usual food items. I wasn’t really wanting anything hot. Erin wanted to try the corn. She was nice enough to share with Avery.


yep, they just plopped down on the sidewalk to eat.

I did get the fried pickles. And the 1919 root beer. But not too much else, foodwise. We did get our traditional family ornament. We had a tough time deciding this year, too many cute options! We settled on the bears in a canoe.


my favorite fair tradition.

I wanted to see Hanson that night. But I couldn’t handle the heat. We went home early. And looking at the forecast this week, Monday might be a decent day. If the weather cools off (like they are saying it will) we are going to try to redeem our fair trip. I have high standards. I am praying that the weather cooperates. I did not get enough fried foods! ūüėõ

I have been so screwed up with my days this week. Jeremy took Monday and Tuesday off, so I am all mixed around! I hope I remember that I have to work tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

too many cute things.

25 Jul

There are too many cute things going on with Avery. I think I have updated my Facebook (click the link and let’s be friends) status 10 times today already. So I thought I’d throw together a blog post instead.

Last night we were hard at work trying to get Avery to walk. We went outside with her rockin’ motorcycle. Way cute.


fist pump!

I love this thing. It sings cute songs and has a little horn button. Plus, the seat can be put down so she can ride it like a little bike.

After I took this picture, we went into the grass to walk a little more. And we got her to take 3 steps! In a row!!

After we went inside, we took her in the hallway and she took a few steps at a time there too. Like, 4 separate times! Maybe she will be walking before she is 16 months old. Please. We have a check up today, so it will be nice to finally be able to say that she has taken steps on her own. Progress, people.

This morning I ordered tickets to the Matt Nathanson concert in November. I’m hoping to redeem myself after the fiasco at the Basilica. The tickets were $27. And Ticketmaster was kind enough to charge me a $14.50 service fee. Per ticket. That seems a bit excessive, even for them. I hate hate hate giving them all that money.

I also forget that Avery is a little parrot now. She was reaching for my coffee (I still haven’t learned my lesson with this. At least it’s always cool when she gets to it.) and I rushed over to her saying, “No No No NO NO!” I got to her before she made a mess. But she has been happily saying, “no no no no” the rest of the morning. So that’s fun.

Now she is happily watching some Sesame Street. As close as she can get to the TV.


wonderfully weekend :: it was a stormy one

24 Jun

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Here’s what I did…

Thursday night (yes, I’m starting my weekend on Thursday. Just like the good old days!) Jeremy and I got to enjoy a night out with some friends. We went brewery hopping in Northeast. It was a nice, hot night. Perfect for beer consumption!

First stop was Indeed. They had a lot of space inside, but we went to sit on the patio. The patio is decent sized and there were a lot of people already out for the night. I tried the Shenanigans Summer Ale. Jeremy had the Day Tripper Pale Ale. I liked my beer better. So win!

They had the Anchor Fish & Chips food truck in the parking lot. So delicious! I could eat there everyday.


mmmmm, beer.

We walked over to 612Brew from there. This was my first time there. And I love it. The outside patio area is so nice, you almost forget you are in a warehousey area. And inside the bar it is so spacious. With super comfy chairs. And board games. Love.

I had the Mary Ann, which is a ginger beer. See what they did there? Mary Ann, Ginger? Heh. It was quite tasty. Jeremy had the Tequila Mockingbird. And oh, man! That is one tasty beer. It is now one of my favorites. Too bad it is seasonal! We will have to go back before it’s gone.


two delicious drinks

Sadly, Jeremy and I had to go home. On the walk back to the car we had to wait for the train. I don’t think I’ve ever had to do that on foot before. Pretty cool.


my artsy shot of the night.

Friday I went into work for a few hours. Nothing fancy. That night Jeremy’s softball games were cancelled because of the crazy ass storms that cam through. Thankfully we kept our power all weekend!


she was all about books this weekend!

Saturday we went to Prior Lake for my cousin’s grad party. Fun times. Avery wasn’t a fan of going in the lake. Water must have still been too cold.


That night I bribed my mom to babysit. We had power, she didn’t. Pretty simple. : ) Jeremy and I went to see “This is the End.” A very good choice. So funny! All the way home I kept chuckling ti myself thinking about different scenes. I think this was the first movie we have seen in a theater in months! Felt so good.

Sunday we went to a root beer float party. 1919 from a keg. Perfect summertime drink! Avery got her first root beer float. She seemed to enjoy it.



Then we did all the boring Sunday things. Laundry, grocery shopping, blah blah.

Hoping this week goes by fast so we can have some weekend fun times again!


THE moment

16 May

May 17: A favorite photo of yourself and why.

I love when the prompt has to do with photos. I have a bunch of photos of myself that I love. Mostly because I’m totally narcissistic I have a bunch of friends who take great pictures. And I love looking at those pictures and reliving the moment.

One photo jumped to mind when I read the prompt for today. And I know I’ve shared it with you in the past, but this is my defining moment in life. Captured on film. I’m lucky I have this photo.


there isn’t even a word for this much love

To the naked eye, this is a picture of a mother holding her newborn baby for the first time. Which it is. But there is so much more to it. This is the moment my world changed. This is the moment I realized I could do anything. This is the moment I was able to breathe again after eleven months. This is the moment.

A lot of things happen when you lose a baby. Nearly all of it bad or terrible or heart breaking. You lose something inside of you. I’m not sure what to call it exactly. Part of your heart for sure, but part of your hopes, part of your soul, part of your life. And although it has been nearly 2 years, I am still not healed. Not even close. I’m a million times better, for sure.

While I was pregnant with Avery, I had a hard time enjoying it. I was just holding my breath. Waiting for It to happen. Every time the doctor sent us out the door with a “perfect” visit. I couldn’t breathe. Every healthy ultrasound. I couldn’t breathe. Hearing her heartbeat every week. Every step along the way. I was just waiting. Bracing myself for It. The farther along in my pregnancy, the harder it was. Not all the time, but sometimes. What would I do if something went wrong? I tried not to think of it… Her placenta was attached in the front of my uterus (I can’t remember the technical terms). So it was cushioning her movements. Which didn’t help me relax either. How long has it been since she has moved? I went to the doctor in a paranoid state more than once. I don’t think anyone could blame me. I was relieved when I was put on bed-rest. I had 2 doctor appointments per week after that. Some people might not have liked that. But I needed those check ins.

Difficult end of labor. Baby born. Baby cries. My heart swells. They give her to me. The weight of her little 6 pounds 15 ounces allows me to let go of the 100 tons that had been holding me down. That newly born girl saved me. And I have the picture to prove it.

another first

4 Mar

This past weekend was…eventful. Thursday night Avery’s temperature spikes to 104.3* Which is not good for a 10 month old. I called the after hours clinic and they told me, “I don’t want to alarm you, but you are going to have to bring her in.”¬† More specifically, bring her to Children’s Hospital. You know a really quick way to alarm someone? Start a sentence with “I don’t want to alarm you…” Like I need any more reasons to freak out here.¬† Side note: there is a list of things I never want to do in my life. An un-bucket list. (What’s the opposite of bucket? Google isn’t very helpful on this one.) And going to Children’s Hospital is on it. So that happened.

We went in and she had a temp of 103* I was worried it would be back down to normal by the time we got there. And the nurses would give me That Look. But she still had a fever. And was oddly playful and energetic when we got there. That changes as soon as the poking and prodding started. Poor baby. Blood, urine, mucus. All of it. And after all that they still didn’t know what was wrong. sigh. We got the generic “it’s a virus” answer. We got sent home at 3am with a medicine regimen and some pedialyte.


sick little peanut

Jeremy: Are you taking a picture?

Me: Yes.

J: Why?

Me: It’s baby’s first trip to the ER. We have to document every milestone we can.

He proceeds to shake his head and give me a funny look. It’s like he has a totally different parenting philosophy the I do.

We both took Friday off work. Mostly to sleep. We were so tired! It was nice to have an extra day added to the weekend, so thanks Avery! : )

And I snapped this picture so everyone can see she is back to normal. Yay!


feeling MUCH better!

Avery had a follow-up appointment at our normal pediatrician’s clinic Saturday morning. One last (screaming) blood test and she was given a clean bill of health. No more mystery fever! Now the fun part: getting back to a normal bedtime.

Sunday was devoted to cleaning. We want to move into a bigger house. The sooner, the better. Operation Sell This House is unofficially underway. SO my free time will be spent cleaning and rearranging and de-cluttering. Good times. I went through all of my clothes and shoes. Came out of it with 2+ boxes to donate! And found my size smaller jeans now fit! I guess my 40 days of going to the gym is working. I am only 2 sizes from my first Goal Size. That was encouraging. : )
A nice way to end the weekend.

How was your weekend?


7 Jan

My baby crawled for the first time today. And I wasn’t there for it. I cried.

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