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wonderfully weekend :: starting early

8 Sep

Hello Friends! Another weekend gone by. I’m going to start this weekend wrap up on Wednesday. Trust me, it’s the only way this will be exciting.

Wednesday night, Jeremy and I got to cross another concert off the old bucket list. We saw Mumford & Sons at the Xcel Center. It was pretty awesome.


mumford & sons

I was a tiny bit nervous that they wouldn’t live up to my expectations. Mostly because they played at a huge sold out stadium setting. But they were every bit as awesome as I expected. The vocals were amazing. They played 3 of my favorites back to back to back. Which was good, since we had to leave at 10.


my favorite picture that I took. little lion man.

Thursday evening we went to a beer tasting in my neighborhood. It was fun sampling some new beers I haven’t had before. And I found a couple really tasty ones.



Friday started my search for a new swimsuit. Which is super fun at the end of the season when they are all gone. I wouldn’t care, but we are going to Wisconsin Dells next week and I my old one crapped out on me last week. Sigh. No luck yet, but we did get Avery a bunch of cute shirts from Old Navy.


if only the weather would cool down a bit…

Saturday was more [unsuccessful] shopping.

Sunday brought the start of the Vikings football season. And the end enjoyable Sunday afternoons. But these two are so cute!


love these two


AP was on, so they stopped caring about pictures.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!

ww :: summer memories

28 Aug

It seems, thanks to Blogtember, that this will be the last Whatever Wednesday until October. Which is a-okay by me. I was worried about keeping up with it all. So thanks for the break, ladies!

This Wednesday’s topic is: your favorite memory from this summer.

I’m going to be totally honest here. I just wrote a decently long post yesterday. And I’m not feeling another post today. BUT! I will link to my Summer 2013 Hopes & Dreams List. Which links up to all my summer fun times!

And here is a picture of some flamingos from our trip to the zoo this last weekend!


My next post won’t be so half-assed. Probably. I almost feel bad for linking up. Almost. I’m blaming everything on the heat.


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

ww :: the end is neigh!

21 Aug

Write Your Obituary.

Um, let’s start with a few disclaimers. Death is the one thing that scares the absolute shit out of me. Like I am in full-blown panic mode just thinking about it. I will sometimes work myself into a frenzy in the middle of the night thinking about it and not be able to sleep. Not just mine, I think about loved ones too and freak. I’m sure I should be seeking professional help for this. But ain’t nobody got time for that. [confession: I have been waiting to put that in a blog post. Finally did it!]

Also, I don’t make it a habit to read obituaries either. I’m not my sister. So I’m not 100% sure how they go. So I’m winging this.

Jennifer H passed away this last Thursday. She was best known for holding the record for being the world’s oldest person for over twenty years. She will be remembered for crossing everything off her Bucket List, even though she hated that term. We will miss her vast knowledge of useless trivia, love of books and reading, and her spirit of service.  She is survived by her four children, many grandchildren, and many many great-grandchildren. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation in Jennifer’s honor to your local animal shelter or favorite charity.

I feel like I really made myself look great here. Oh well. How often do you see an obit that talks about how much of a jerk that person was? Exactly.

Okay, now I’m going to go read what everyone else wrote!


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

ww :: television television

14 Aug

This week we are to share with you our five favorite TV shows. No more. No less. Otherwise they might kick me out. I love TV. I could tell you my favorite shows from childhood. Or favorite news programs. Or favorite kids shows, because that’s mostly what we watch now. Or my favorite shows to watch when I have insomnia. But since I have a limited number to share with you, I will give you my favorite shows currently on TV.

1: The Mindy Project.

I love this show so much. I laugh out loud (for real, not just lol) at least 3 times each episode. I wish for Mindy to be my BFF.

2: Parks & Rec.

Two words. Amy. Poehler. Can we be BFFs too? Pretty please.

3: Parenthood.

This show has the best of everything. I think you are required to laugh and cry during every episode. I want to be in the Braverman family. Or at least be BFFs with them.

4: How I Met Your Mother.

I’m sad that this will be the last season. It has had a great run. We like watching and listening for the Minnesota references. And Lily and I were pregnant at the same time, so that makes us BFFs.

5: The Voice.

One of my favorite passtimes is judging people. [Sometimes I’m not a nice person. Sorry.] And this show is awesome for that. “Why did you press your button?!” “Why did you choose Adam as your coach?! Idiot.” But the best person to judge: Christina Aguilera. And after being gone for a season, she will be returning to her red swivel chair. She is a ridiculous human being and a horrible coach. We will not be BFFs. 


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

ww :: they made me bake

31 Jul

The request reads as follows:

It’s Alissa writing to you this week, and let me start by saying that Shay will probably HAAAATE this topic, but I’m doing it anyway. This week I’d like for everyone to share their favorite recipe – it can be an appetizer, a full meal, or just a dessert. Whatever you want… because I’m needy, and I love asking people for recipes. I’m also a child, so if you could include photos (I only like picture recipe books, mmmkay?) that’d be great.

Ugh. Don’t get used to the recipe posts people, because I can make like 3 things without adult supervision. I will share with you the most complicated one. Because I want to impress you. Maybe trick you into thinking I’m a baking goddess? But I had some bananas lying around, so we are all good.

Also, don’t judge my pictures. I really want to take a photography class. As I have stated in my Life List. So until then, we all suffer. Click on the image to enlarge.

I found this gem of a recipe on Pinterest. Here is the link to the original. I will share with you my tips and tricks along the way.

Without further ado, I present to you The Best Chocolate Chip Banana Bread EVER!


If you still have a hard time reading this, I will be more than happy to email you a better version. Because I love you guys.

I took a picture of the recipe card. I don’t have the patience to format the directions to look pretty in a post. It would have taken me two weeks to make it look how I want it to. Not worth my mental wellness.

First off, I like to use half whole wheat flour and half white flour when I can. For me, baking with whole wheat is tricky. Sometimes the recipe tastes iffy when you only use the whole wheat. So I go halfsies. I also don’t use any salt if I can help it. So I skipped it here.



With this much butter and sugar, you know it’s going to taste good.


I use 3 overripe bananas. I love mashing these suckers.


A few side notes about this picture. First, I didn’t bother cleaning the kitchen. Real life, yo. I didn’t even see the sippy cup until after the bread went into the oven. And PicMonkey doesn’t edit it out. Weird. Also, I’m betting that I’m the only person without a kick ass Kitchen Aid mixer. I will be taking donations for one now.


everyone loves a good before & after picture

I also tend to use a little more chocolate chips then the recipe calls for.  Like double-ish. Don’t judge. They are dark chocolate, so they are good for you. Or something.

Waiting the 60+ minutes is the worst part! And the house starts smelling amazing about 35 minutes in. Torture.


my attempt at food porn

So there you have it. Slap a little butter on it and call it a day.


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

ww :: confession time

24 Jul

This weeks subject is Confession: What Do You Spend Too Much Time Doing.

Confession: I spend too much time on Instagram. I wish I was an amazing photographer. I’m not. But you know what helps? Cropping your picture into a little square and throwing a cool filter on it. Bam! Awesome picture.

Photo of your child at the park look funny because of the placement of the sun? Slap on a filter and you are saved!


you can see her smile now!

You are trying to get a nice shot of Christmas lights, but your phone doesn’t have an amazing camera on it. Make it black & white!



Out visiting some breweries, but can’t get a cool shot to show off? Flip it!


looks like I know what I’m doing, right?

And, maybe most importantly, you can take selfies that you don’t hate. Like this one.


showing off my pretty necklace.

If being on Instagram all day is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

Also, you forgot to donate to my Miles for Melanoma page. It’s okay, you can do it now. 🙂


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

heartbreak hotel

17 Jul

This week’s prompt: talk about your biggest heartbreak.

I have already written about two of my biggest heartbreaks. The ones that still have the power to reduce me to a pile of tears if I let them. Losing my grandparents and losing my first baby.

So in the spirit of new material, I’m going to write a little bit about my mother in law, Rose.


fun christmas picture

I only knew her for a few short years, which I’m pissed about. She was awesome and I would have loved to know her better. You guys, I hit the jackpot when it comes to in-laws. Caring, supportive, helpful, generous, fun. Rose was so welcoming of me from the start. Which was a relief, because moms are protective of their boys. But I was fully accepted right away.

Rose passed away two years ago after battling cancer. And it was a battle. She was in remission for a while, but cancer is a bastard.

I’m sad that she was taken from us so soon. I’m sad my husband lost a parent at such a young age. I’m sad that she never got to partake in our pregnancy joy, just the loss. I’m sad she never got to spoil Avery. I’m so so sad that Avery won’t be able to have a loving wonderful relationship with all four of her grandparents, like I did.

We are all grateful for the time we got to spend with her and the memories we have. But I am heartbroken at the fact that something will always be missing in our lives.

We miss you so much, Rose.

Cancer sucks.


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

ww :: girl code interpreted

10 Jul

Wednesday is here once again! This week’s prompt is: Girl Code. Apparently this is a show on MTV. Since we only watch Sprout and the news around here, I had never heard of it. Also, I’m real lazy. So I didn’t watch the video clip either. But we have permission to spin this topic to fit what we want to write about.

Here is the code I hope Avery will live by:

  • I really want you to keep developing that awesome sense of humor you have. I don’t know how much of your 15 month old personality you keep, but you are pretty awesome. Keep it up!
  • Love your body. Enough to keep it healthy and not to abuse it.
  • Know your limits. Then push yourself a little further.
  • You won’t always think so, but I love you most in this world. Whatever good times and arguments that are to come, remember that.
  • Girls can do anything just as well (most of the time better) as boys can. Except for peeing standing up. Just don’t even bother trying.
  • Friends are more important than crushes. Don’t ditch them.
  • Family is more important than both. Don’t ditch them.
  • Good things to know: how to change a tire, how to sew a hem, basic cooking skills, bangs don’t look good on everyone.
  • I hope you will know what is fighting for and what is best to ignore or let go. Sometimes it’s a fine line.
  • Second chances are earned.
  • Learn to forgive. And let go of hurt. Life is too short to hold on to negativity.
  • Please, try to remember: no matter how old you get, you will always be my baby.

why can’t you stay like this forever??


Whatever Wednesday link up with Shay and Alissa.

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